Monday, June 1, 2015

Do The Truth!!

I know the Truth!
I speak of the Truth!
I walk in the Truth!
I tell the Truth!
I don't sell the Truth!
But how do I DO the Truth?

Truth is a Living Being
By which men are sanctified
For the Word of the Lord is Living
And THAT no man can deny!

If Truth is alive - it is breathing
Walking, talking, teaching - I am sure!
And those His companionship seeking
Won't off to sin be retreating!

To do the Truth one needs Grace
And New Mercy and Love - don't forget Hope
For without these Constant Companions
We will be sniffing Sweet Sin and doing Devil Dope!

I have decided that I like love Truth
In person in practice ... every which way
So my intention is to apply to My Jesus
To keep draw me in to His Light day after day.

To Do Truth is like make wearing a garment:

You need fabric, a pattern, weights, scissors, pins, chalk, tape, needle and thread
And you need someone for whom to make the garment custom
Or it won't get over their little big head!

I went with my fabric to the Custom Tailor - Just Jesus
He wore a designer garment I really liked - Righteousness By Divine
I wanted it - he said he could make me a replica of it
But he said my fabric wouldn't work! No way! Rain nor shine!!

I agreed with his reason for not using my fabric - it had numerous slubs and color defects
And watched as he rolled out his bolt of cloth
On the table on the cross -
He said he was going to cut it on the bias
So that no drapeability would be lost!

That fabric was red thick like blood and fluid with ... like ... water
It was living ... it seemed standing - it had a tone
And when he laid out the pattern - Glorious Salvation
I knew that garment was mine! Mine, alone!

He weighted the fabric with curious three nails
That formed an up down pyramid
Not the typical base all for top one formation
BUT bottom for top all - I felt expectant consternation!?

He measured me - by Eye - to determine my size
To know how much fabric ... work ... was needed
He marked out the parts with the pencil he called Truth
And he talked as he worked amazingly deftly!

He said something strange!
He said his scissors had a name - Redemption
Which cut out the waste - he called it Sin
The soon garment quickly revealing
And then He put the pieces together with his favorite silk
Conscience Conviction and Repentance quilting pins!

I got up to leave him to his ministrations for
He didn't need me getting in his way
But he said:
"Stay a while! 
I work slow fast meticulously every day!"

Something happened to me as I watched Him work
Miracles on some obzocky pieces of fabric!
What I thought wouldn't align
He pinned, tucked, eased and realigned
As my garment was lovingly structured and refined!

At one point he pulled a thread and it snagged on a pin
And I jumped screamed yelped shuddered:
"Oh dear! Oh my! Ouch! Ouch!"
He looked at me kindly and said ever so softly
"Everybody says that when they sit on my Needing To Be Saved and Redeemed Today couch!"

He sewed and he sang
We talked - his phone rang
He touched my hand as he answered His Call
Electricity ran through, and it was then that I knew
That that was the Spirit's Gospel Call to let my self be made anew!

Suddenly, my garment was done!
He said it was blessed work and he loved to see it done
And placed his Righteousness over my old clothes!
My old garments dropped off!
His garment enfolded me - it wasn't cloth
It was Living Blood that draped enfolded me
And bore lifted me high and aloft!

So ... what can I say?
I wore Righteousness from that day
For the Blood had permeated to my soul
The Lord worked His work
My deeds are on display as I walk in ... toward ... His Light
In the Straight and Narrow Pilgrim Stranger's Holy Way!

To DO Truth 
Is To
Live the Word 
Walk As Jesus did!

Because You Live In Him
You Willingly Follow His Law 
Effectively Leads Your Mortal Life 
His Glorious Life!