Sunday, June 7, 2015

PRAYER: Father, Forgive Me For ...

Father forgive me for yesterday
Day before yesterday
A week ago
Week before last
One month ago
Last quarter
Six months ago
Last year
Two years ago
Five years ago
The last decade. 
Forgive me My past. 
Forgive me for today. 
And if life be spared, forgive me for what I do wrong tomorrow. 
Father, I am pleading with You 
To rein me back from ever seeking to find out 
What it means to live without You!
I don't want be in charge of my life, Father! 
I want to be Your child! 
Let me be Your responsibility! 
I don't want independence from Your control! 
Let me be a dependency! 
Lord, let me be the proverbial leech on Your Love!
I have traveled the world, and it was not fun! 
It's been cold, and cruel, and corrosive! 
Please lead me, guide me, humble me
Hold me, hinder me, hide me
Make me over, take me over
Carry me over, take me through
Open my eyes, clear my ears
Fill my heart, take my hand
Order my footsteps 
Lord, let me stand before You
Convinced, convicted
Clean and committed
Prominently displaying my Red Ticket
And waiting for my white robe and my gold crown
Even as I work for Your Glory!
Remove Self from Myself
And make me like You!
Lord - by Your Grace and Mercy 
Through the Faith of Jesus
And the Comfort of The Holy Spirit -
I am Yours!