Friday, June 5, 2015

HAPPY SABBATH + Prayer: Father, My Life Is The Light You Gave Me

Father, You said: "Let there be Light!"
And the Light entered my soul!
The darkness of night fled away
And the Light of Life Day did appear
And with the working of Your Holy Spirit, Lord
You made The Way appear clear!

You placed the Firmament above my head
Causing me to seek Heaven even though Earth is my bed!
You fill me with Water and provide me with Bread
And at each new morning You give hope for what's ahead!

My life is the Light You gave me
To shine for You in the wide wild world
But ... I am sorry, Great Father
I am often light out among them, cold - a churl!

Forgive me, Dear Father
I beseech You today
Renew me, refresh me
Send Holy Spirit - this is my prayer!

Lord, let me not care for my body
Before I care for my soul
Send You the Quiet Dew of Watering
Which by Your Love and Grace You bestow!

Oh, Lord, let me not be foolish
Choosing Earth instead of Heaven sublime
For at the Day of Your Returning
I'd be lost, cast off, denied!

Lord, renew, remake, seal
Reveal Your Will for me
And the Way that I should walk on this Earth as a sojourning pilgrim
Unrooted in this foreign land
Restless for Righteousness
Dissatisfied with Pomp
Unphased by Circumstance
Unperturbed by Situation
Thankful for Plenty
Undismayed by Want
Knowing You provide for my Need
And, please, let pleasure for pleasure's sake be pleasure denied.

Let nothing come between us, Dear Father
Let no joy come between me and Peace
Let Grace forever fall upon me
And let Mercy spell sweet, sweet, relief.

I bow before You in worship
I sing a joyous song to render praise
I walk in The Path toward Zion
Where forever on Your lovely Face I will gaze.

I give back to You all that You gave me -
Body, Will, Way and my Soul
These are my presents to You, Dear Father
You, whom I totally adore!

I ask that You return only body and soul, Lord
When they have Your finish - immortal, and made of Heaven's pure gold!
Send me, direct me
Lord, lead me!
Lead me to my Heavenly Forever Home!