Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hiding Sin?!

I was scheduled to have visitors
But I did not feel like cleaning the house
So I decided that I would hide everything
Behind the sofa, in closets
And just spray - Clean House!

It was then that "it" hit me
That this was what happened with Sin
If you did not clean it right proper
It was always there, hanging out with its, and your, friends!

Boy, did I feel real bad
About what I had intended to do
So I said a quick prayer
And pulled back the rubbish Sin from behind the chair
And opened the closets
And gave the rubbish a breath of Fresh Air!

This whole episode really spoke to the heart of me
It told me that hidden Sin is not hidden at all
For the first time someone opened one of your closets
Hidden Sin will be revealed and you gine ball!

So don't try the hiding old Sin routine
That game has already been played
And the only winner was Satan
That Heathen, That Liar, That Fraud!

When you want to get rid of the old dirt that is defiling
You get out the cleanser that does the work
Same thing with getting rid of old Sin
Call Jesus - The One Who on Calvary Cleaned Our Dirt!

Get Jesus! Just Jesus! Immanuel!
He cleans!
He renews!
He reclaims!
He shelters!
He protects!
He labors!
He Seals!
He Saves!
So that not one repentant sinner is a reject!

He Gets The Sin OUT!!