Sunday, June 14, 2015

Jesus Is Coming! Hold On!

There will never be a Day of Peace upon this Planet Small!
That is because of something known as The Fall!
No use caterwalling!
Jesus is our Peace - answer His Call!
He is the Loving Shepherd
And He is the Maker of The Ball!

Thar Fallen Cherub instigated The Serpent to cause Disobedience
Which gave us lust, hate, stitches, and all!
That same Fallen Cherub instigated Pharoah
Herod, Judas, Nero, the Inquisitors and the like
And if you look through Man's History
You will see the Shades of Night!

Right up unto this day, Friend
You can see The Blight
But, Thank God for Jesus' Sacrifice
Believers in and Accepters of Salvation 
Are soon going to Take Flight!

Jesus Is Coming!
Hold on!