Saturday, June 27, 2015

Little Sin Lied!

One day I met #LittleSin
Who was seeking for a home
He told me that he didn't eat much
He just wanted some place to call his own!

Naive and Gentle as I was
I saw no harm in helping
A weary traveler on the Way
Looking for a safe place to stay!

Little did I know that day
Little Sin had a Game of Beguilement To Play!
When I wasn't looking his way
He was in my cupboard eating away!

Much Time had passed
And I asked one day:
"Little Sin? When are you going away?"
He growled at me - I looked his way
And then I - frightened - started backing away!

Little Sin had enormous grown!
He now claimed my house as his very own!
He spilled out, and up, covering my telephone
And sought to keep me cut off, and on my own!

"Alas! Alack!
Oh, Lord! Help me! Help me!
I'm back! I'm under attack!
I didn't realize what I was doing!
That Little Sin had crowded You Out
And now I can to You just barely shout!"

"Help me, Lord!
Oh, how I repent!
Incaution! Disregard!
Of these, Lord, I do repent!"

"Please help me, now
Dear Lord, I pray
For Little Sin is Big
And is determined in my house to stay!"

Oh, Child of Mine
I will rescue Thee!
Walk, cry, to Me -
I truly love Thee!
Your cry for help
Galvanizes Me, and
I will rescue
Rescue, rescue Thee!

Little Sin Big put up quite a fight
But my God was Lord -
He let in the Son Light!
And Little Sin Big
Was put out into the Night
And my home was rid
Of The Baleful Consuming Blight!

"I thank you, Lord
For You always save
Bless me, Lord, Keep me
Make me Your Slave!
Help me to walk
In Your Straight Holy Ways
And I know I will see You
In The Bright Day's Blaze