Thursday, June 18, 2015

Man's Wisdom vs. God's Wisdom! + The Decision!

Man's Wisdom:

Is In 'n Out Of Chaos and Confusion

Evolution created the Universe and caused Mankind to step forth
God is a woman
Earth is Our Mother
God is a sinner because He is jealous
God is a murderer
God is a myth
God has not done anything for Mankind
God is an angry white man who hurts people when they don't play by his rules
God is a sadist
God is a pedophile
God is a slaver
God encourages incest
God did not create the world in six days
God is not good - He lets children die
Man is god
Man is immortal
Man doesn't need the angry "god" in the sky
Live fast. Die young. Make a pretty corpse.
God is already living on Earth
Communion Wafer is God
Marriage is Unnecessary
Dead and in her grave Mary is Co-Mediatrix with Jesus Christ and can hear and answer prayers
Tired of living? Life is frightening? Kill yourself!
God needs help! Practice Eugenics!
Do whatever YOU want - it's your right
Sexuality is fluid according to momentary desire
Earth is overcrowded while certain people hundreds of thousands and millions of acres of land
Man will populate another planet
Impossible to visit, impossible to know planet, 5 Cancri e, is made from diamond
Sterilize the poor - they are too expensive to maintain
Satanism is a religion
Jesus Christ stole Lucifer's position, power and kingdom
Satan freed man from bondage in Eden
Satan loves mankind so he gave them knowledge of good and evil
Seeking out the hidden things of the Man Upstairs is mankind's rightful mission
Stealing body parts from the poor and selling them to the rich is good business
Sin is satisfying
Self before sanity
Wealth at the expense of health
Property before people
Much money any means
Fantasy is reality
Caring is crap
Crime is a commodity
Salvation is by attainment

A teeny, tiny, itsy, bitsy bit of the
Wisdom of The Creator, God Almighty:

ORDER - no Chaos!

Jeremiah 1:5 ... 
I AM -  I KNOW - I SEE - I DO:

1 Cor. 2:9 - Trust Me and I will show you the unimaginable! You've got My Word!

John 3:16 - I love you and My Only Beloved Son died to save innumerable you!

Gen.1:1 - I created EVERYTHING! No chaos! Just Creation and Preservation!

1 John 5:7 - We Three, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, are One!

Psalm 23 - I take care of My Own in every way!

Psalm 2 - Plotting against Me is futile! I laugh in your face! You will be broken!

Psalm 46 - Exalt Me for In Me is Refuge!

Exodus 7:14 - 12:29 - Defiance is Futile, for the End thereof is Death!

Matt. 24 - I AM telling you HOW they will attempt it, so LET NO MAN DECEIVE YOU about Me

Revelation 14:6-20 - Early Warning, Warning System of the Coming Judgment!

John 1:1 - The Word, Jesus Christ, is God!

Psalm 121 - In Me is Healing, Everlasting Life and Power!

Psalm 19 - Look around, look down, look in and look up! Look! There IT is! I created it all!

Matthew 5:1-11 - Blessings, Blessings all around!

Jeremiah 9:23 - Don't gloat in riches, might nor wisdom!

Proverbs 1:7 - Fools despise wisdom and knowledge! Fear God!

Proverbs 31:30 - Favor is Deceitful and Beauty is Vain!

Exodus 20:3-17 - Rules to live by for soul preservation

1 Corinthians 1:18 - The preaching of the Cross is foolishness to them that perish

1 Corinthians 1:25 - God's foolishness is wiser than Man's wisdom

James 1:5-6 - I AM Wisdom. Ask Me to give you Wisdom

Genesis 2:18 - You should not be alone

Matthew 11:28 - Come unto Me and get your rest

Psalm 119:105 -The Word is Lamp and Light for guidance

The Decision!

I went to Man for Wisdom
And what do you think I learned?
Take what I want I want and pay for it! and
Money and toys make the Man! So get them! Earn!

I went to God for Wisdom
And what do you think I learned?
Study to show thyself approved! 
Love God, and worship Him in Spirit and in Truth!
Be wise in your ways, and 
Be for the brethren concerned!

I thought about these varying positions
And, in order to make an informed decision
I asked each for an impact statement!

Man said: 

"You live!
You have fun!
You get some toys!
You die - game over!"

God said: 

"You'll be poor, peaceful in thought and action, and productive for My Coming Kingdom. 

You will suffer want and persecution but you'll have true riches in Glory! 

You may be called to martyrdom for My Name's Sake but you will gain Eternal Life. 

You may never know Earthly joys but you will know Everlasting Joy in My Eternal Home. 

If you confess that My Son, Jesus Christ, came to Earth and lived and died to save you - and all mankind - from Eternal Death, and was raised from the dead and returned to Our Heavenly Home, and will come again, and if you confess your sins and be baptized, at The Last Day, We will come for you - whether you live or had died - and give you New Life in an immortal, incorruptible body, a Robe of Righteousness, a New Name, a Gold Crown, a Gold Harp, a White Stone, a Victor's Palm, the Water of Life freely, and a Home in Glory, where from you will never roam, nor see want, nor sorrow, nor distress!

You will be My Child, and You will Live in Peace!

I said: