Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My Faith Will Soon Be Realized!

Lord, for me, You are Home!
In You - I find Rest!
By You - I have Peace!
Because of You  - I have hope!
Through You  - I get Mercy for You provide Grace!
On Your Rock - I stand, and
On Your Righteousness - I  build my Faith!

One day, my Faith will be Realized!
My Trust will be Confirmed!
Your Truth will be Revealed!
My Lot will be Defined!
My Eye will clearly see, and 
I will be At Rest 
At Home!

My Feet will walk True!
My Sight will Soar
For my heart will be Eternally Fixed Upon You
Who, for me, bore
Being outcast from The Father
Derided by no love and great laughter 
To give me #LifeInTheHereafter
And here I stand with You, Dear Master,
My Lord and My God - I love You!