Friday, June 5, 2015

PRAYER: Against GAPS Spirit of Entitlement

Dear Lord, I am suffering
Suffering, suffering from GAPS!
If You, Lord, don't help me
Satan will continue dancing in my lap!

I am looking for Gain - gain in my pocket
I am needing Attention - attention to my myriad needs
I am craving - craving Personal Satisfaction, and
Pride is my passport to satisfying my gluttony and greed!

I see no reason to be humble
I want what I want - Whoever, Whatever, Wherever it be
Pity, Father, that with all of my wanting
It takes suffering to show me that I need Thee!

My Wayward Self has declared: "Independence!"
My Wild Will walks on in its own way
My Willful Way is determined by the immoral majority's wind change
And my life is all bewildering decay and dreadful dismay!

Lord, I know that my life could be better!
Lord, I know that You'd come if I would bend and call
But ... but ... but ... I have a constant companion
Who says that I don't need You because I AM a god!

Lord, I am tired of the testing turmoil
Lord, I am tired of the constant raging torment
Lord, I am giving You my unnecessary permission
To humble me, and to help me quickly repent!

Help me to repent of Irightis
Help me to repent of The Myway Way Always
Help me to cast off Inner Turgid Corruption
Help me to call You instead of believing doing walking as That Spirit says!

Lord, Self Satisfaction isn't working!
Lord, Spirit of Entitlement is giving me the Shakes!
Lord, Gusto for Gain is causing me heartache, and
Pride is making me do always what Satan says!

Lord, I am weak!
Lord, I am have been wayward!
I have wickedly walked in my own corrupted way!
I have planted the wind - I now reap the whirlwind!
Lord, Jesus, help me before Life slips sails slides away!

Lord, I have been trying to remake myself - just not in your image
Entitlement, indeed, has been my one true god
Self-definition has been my golden altar, and
The Oil of Self-satisfaction has marinated me and
I am now fit to be tied and then charbecue broiled!

Oh, Lord, renew, renew, renew, renew me!
Help me to look outward, look upward
Walk onward in and through Your Truth!
Lord, please rebuke, rebuke that Wicked Satan
Let me work walk to for in by You - please soothe!
Help me set to aside Self and Live as one Holy
For now, Lord, now, now, I am speaking, speaking the gospel truth!