Sunday, June 28, 2015

PRAYER: Against Wickedness in High Places



Lord, have Mercy upon us

For Wicked Men for a penny in gold
Have your Beloved Children
Unto Old Satan Sold!

Lust for Worldly Pleasures

Lust for Newsworthy Gains
Has upon Your #PrayingPeople
Brought great pain and vile shame!


For not praying enough
Help us get rid
Of the Snuff and the Fluff
Which upon us
Brings down Your Mighty Wrath
Lord Jesus, Have Mercy
Destroy The Gold Calf!

Little, it seems, do The People know

That Little Sin always greatly grows
To consume The Bold Feeder proud
Until he begs for mercy
As he's choking on The Demon Frog!

Lord, help Your People faithful be!

Let Your People walk on Holy!
Let The Faithful People be
A Righteous Example to The Ungodly!

Let us show The Wicked World You!
Let us not keep You hidden from view
For Our Day is setting fast!
At the Last Trumpet
We will see You at last
And Sin and Old Satan will be on Blast!