Thursday, June 25, 2015

PRAYER: Father, I Don't Understand!

Father, #IAmReadingMyBible
And I know that Your Word, Lord, is true!
I don't, however, understand
Why Men want their own immortality
Instead of The Real that comes from Loving You?

I don't understand why men want the Spurious
Instead of seeking after The Real?
Why do they want Booty and Baubles
That just leave them rotting in Sin's Jail?

Lord, why should I settle for vain glory
When, with You, I get Glory for Real
Whilst men are lying and dying
For what is on the Minute Scale?

Father, what is their true motivation -
If it were honest they would truly love You?
Why do they choose Fleeting for Lasting
And Last Place instead of First Place with You?

Father, I know I am just a sinner
But ... a Sinner that is saved by Your Grace
So, Lord, please keep me the #FaithfulPilgrim
Who came out of The Darkness to live in The Light So True!