Saturday, June 27, 2015

PRAYER: Sacrificial Lambs

Father, we have no money nor connections!
We can't build no underground lair!
We are #SimpleBelievers
Who need protection, Lord
From the minions of the Prince of the Power Of The Air!

Father, we love and we trust You!
We know that You will always provide!
Have mercy on us - we are praying
Let us in You safely abide!

We do not count our lives great trophies!
We are counted daily as Sacrificial Lambs
Keep record of our tears, and our blood, Lord
And accept us to The Great Reward!

Until then, Lord, we will keep praying and plodding!
We will work in the vineyards and the fields!
We will sing of the #GoodShipofZion
And worship You, Lord!
Bless us! We are down on our knees!