Monday, June 22, 2015


                                                                     The King IS Coming!

I hope he comes soon!                                  Get ready!

Nah! Perhaps tomorrow, or next week or ... He comes as a Thief in the night ...Unexpectedly!

SUDDENLY!                                                 SUDDENLY!!

Knock! Knock! Knock!                               Answer NOW!         
"Sandy! It is I!"                            Quickly! Invite Him in!

Oh, my! Just a moment! I am coming!

Oh, dear! Just a second! Let me light my lamp!

I can't see where I'm going! Trash blocking ...

Thump, thump, bump, draaaag ...          He's waiting on your welcome!

Are you still there?!                                      Open the Door!

I am trying to get the door open but there is so much rubbish in front of me!

Can you wait while I try to get it cleared away!         Just open the Door!

Hummph! Screech! Damn!                                      Get the Door!!

You didn’t hear me say that, okay?!                            Step over the RUBBISH!!

Knock! Knock! Knock!                                             He really wants you to let Him in!

I’m coming! I’m coming! Hold on!                             FORGET the TRASH! Get the Door!

Knock! Knock!                                                          Oh, how He loves you! Let Him in!!

Hooold on will yuh! I said I’m coming!

Draat! Steupse!

Sigh! So much stuff holding me back ...                      Let the trash go! You can't fix it yourself!

Don’t go! Please don’t go!  I'm coming!                    He's still waiting for you to let Him in!

Just give me some more time to fix things!!               Just open the Door: tell Him you're sorry!

Knock ...                                                                    For Heaven's sake! Just open the Door!

Quiet, so, so ... quiet ...

Then ... Sandy hears the footsteps walking away, and she starts to cry as though her heart is breaking.

She has longed for Him to come to her house, and she had made so many preparations that she had forgotten to put the Rubbish out for collection saying that she would rest it by the Door to take out just before He was to arrive.

Pity, He had arrived unexpectedly, and the Rubbish was piled in front of the Door and she couldn’t get the Door open and He had knocked, and knocked, and she had even gotten testy with Him, and He had knocked some more, and she was still trying to get her Door open, and now she remembered that He had said that when He would come by that she was to Open the Door for Him Immediately, and she had kept Him waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and He was now ... gone ...  and all hope of being His forever is lost!

Sob, sobb, sobbbb!

Sniffle, sniffle! Cough, cough!

Waaaiiiiillllll! Waaaiiiillllll!!

Mercy, Lord! Mercyyyyy!

But ... it is too, too, late.





Answer Him ... Without Delay!

Let Him in!

Tell Him ... Your Stress

Show Him ... Your Mess

Give Him ... Your Distress and







Dear Ones,

Please don't believe the Devil's Lie that we have to clean up our messes BEFORE Jesus will accept us!

We cannot, no way, no how, never, ever make ourselves clean, so don't try!

Jesus says: "Come unto me all ye who labor and are heavy laden, and I WILL give you rest!" 

He did not say that He COULD give rest! 

He said that He WILL give rest!

He did not say to put the labors and burdens aside!

He said: "COME!" ... AS YOU ARE!

This clearly means that your labors and burdens are CURED in Him, whether in mind, body or Spirit (mental, physical, spiritual)! He WILL cure ALL! 

He loves us, and wants us in His Home, and that means He will fix things so that we may cleanly enter in!

Trust Him, and ANSWER Him, TODAY!