Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Teach Me Thy Ways!

Daddy, will you teach me how to ...?
Not now, Son! I'm busy!

Daddy, will you show me ...?
Not now! Come back later!

Mum, will you point me in the right ...?
Sweetheart, go ask Daddy, I am running late! 

Dad, Mum said to ask you for guidance on how to ...?
Son, that's your Mum's job!

Will somebody please show me the Right Way?!
Will somebody teach me the Way?
Is there anybody willing to ...?

I'm right here!
I will guide you in the Back Way
In the Alley Way
In the Broadway
I can even show you how to go to No Where ... and it will be fun, fun, fuuunnnnn!!

And, let's see: 
It is going to be
Exciting and Dangerous
Scary and Wicked
Wrong - not right
Probably Peculiar
Death Defying
Soul Defiling
Wasting, Wasteful, and decidedly Worthless!
Join ME!!
I AM Always Available to Yoooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuu!!


Correct me!?
For what?
I did nothing wrong!

Reprove ME!
For what??!
Did you teach me something??!

How can you Reprove him to be Corrected if he is not Taught?

How can you Reprove him who has not been Corrected?

How can you Correct him who is not Taught?

Did you teach him something? Anything? Nothing?!

Did he learn anything ... GOOD ... from you?

Well, the Holy Spirit is calling ...