Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Road Of Faith!

I was walking down a road one day
I was looking for its sign
I looked, and looked, and then I saw
The tree-branch it stood behind!

This road was of a special sort
It lead somewhere truly important
And only those who travel there
Have been issued a Fairway To Life Warrant!

This Warrant gives permission for The Bearer
To travel onward - up - to God!
None else can travel on this road
Save he who has by #FaithInGod striven!

The Road of Faith leads upward
To The Living God
And all who stay The Distance
Enter into His Great Reward!


Would YOU care to walk with Me
To meet The Living God?

Drape yourself with Faith
Walk in Faith
Persevere through Faith
Live by Faith
Contend for The Faith
Pray for more Faith
Gentle Jesus' Love embrace
Let nothing from The Road You displace
And, soon, You will behold God's Face!