Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Thou, Fool!

Those rude and foolish Christians
Those enemies of the State
Would have men be faithful to a god
Who is seriously out of date!

Where is His taste and fashion?
What good has He recently done?
Will he give man right now immortality
Or, at least, long life as when the Earth was begun?

We don't really need that old God
Too many rules and thus saith's!
We want a god who is culturally relevant
Who is not afraid to do what we have said!

You see, within our social construct
We do as we see fit
Which is why we had no check stop on the table
When we biologically created a viable rat leg!

Oh, the praise that will rise when we reach the point that
We can create a working leg from man's own stem cells
Once we figure out the complex matrix
We won't need any god, so he will be permanently set aside as dead!

Why worship a god that we can't see
Who puts restrictions on our play
Who thinks himself so important
That he wants worship on his specified Sabbath day?

We are going to do like the French Family!
A whore on horseback will be our goddess of Reason!
We'll declare that there is no god!
We will legislate that any two may marry
And we will walk about however we want!

The only rule will be NO RULES!
Every man will be god in that day
And whatever happens, happens
But we will be enjoying our play!

Thou Fool!

Don't you know that you can't fight with the Almighty?
Don't you know that there is the devil to be paid?
Don't you know that God is His own accountant -
No transposition, no erasers, no computer information in the cloud mislaid?

Humble yourself before the Father!
Accept that Jesus is His Son!
Acknowledge that Holy Spirit is working
Without them you would nothing - not even early morning fog!

Stop following, believing, and behaving
Like Satan is really a god!
Heads up! He is just you deceiving
For he is nothing but a conniving, murderous, lying fraud!

Turn away, turn away from your evil!
#TurnToGod! He will forgive for He is not a man!
He made all that you are abusing
He made you - and he didn't need your help - little man!

Turn away from the path you are treading!
Turn away from your idolatrous ways!
Give the Lord His due - accept the Old Story
Or you will be cast out for burning 
In the Fire and Brimstone Lake!
No glory for YOU!!