Saturday, June 27, 2015


Why should I look in The Mirror?
What is there so special that I must see?
Why is it important to look there?
Is there something there to revere?

I look in the mirror!
What do I see
Nothing but an Old Sooner
Looking back at me!

I see a pimple, a bump, a bruise!
I see an Image holding a loose screw!
I will not look deeply!
You can't make me!
I refuse!

Looking too deeply
Brings up bad news!
Of being immoral, willful, even unwise
Of #PlayingWithGod
Of half truths and white lies
Of lusting and listing
Lampooning and Gaffes
And worshiping at altars
Laid for Golden Calves!

Most giddy!
Drunk on #NewWine!
Bowing to Jesus but showing my behind!

Teasing the Tawdry!
Twisting to taunt!
Showing myself Righteous!
Kissing The Scamp!

Telling The Old Story
From The Profiteering View
Praising I-God
And snuffing out The Truth!

Enough already!
I don't like this Review
Either get away from me or me renew!

This state of constant conflict is wearing me down!
Either you fix me up or put me, lay me down!
I need to rest!
Enough is on my chest!
I can feel it swelling!
Oh, God, give me Blessed, Sweet Rest
For I am at the end
Of  My Rope and My Chain!

This is The #DayofDecision!
Lord, You I now claim
For my Eternal Portion
For my Peaceful Plot
Untie, Lord, untie me
Before me my Blood clots
Chop You, Lord, Satan's Dread Knots!

Put Life's Blood on my Skin
Run The Water through my Veins
Give me #RighteousGarments for
I humbly surrender The Cruel Nails!