Saturday, June 20, 2015

VESPERS AT THE END OF THE SABBATH: All Glory to ... Ggod?!!?

Good gracious!


Did you see what he just did?


That Preacher Singer!

What did he do? Did he do something wrong?!
I didn't see him do anything!?

He said: "Giving all glory to God!" and pointed to himself!!

You joking!!

No! Serious!

I didn't see that!

Stop the player. Step back about 30 seconds and replay!

" ... blessings! ... favor ... Giving all glory to God!"

See! Wha'  I tell you!

Good gracious! I see what you mean!

Yup! Saying one thing ...

... meaning another!

Dear Ones,

This is the reality that The People of God are facing today!

Many of the preachers and teachers, and leaders and followers are god praising God!

Their allegiance is not to the Living, Eternal God, but to the lure and lie of Satan, to self!

Do you know the individual standing on your congregation's Altar?

Is this individual a convinced, convicted, committed, converted Christ Follower,, or just an individual being called Christian?

Is this person a clear stream of pure water, or a stream that is the effluent from a production facility, or even graywater?

Is their tongue speaking The Truth of the Holy Bible or the language of the Brothel?

Is this person using a lie to tell the "truth?"

Can this person tell you what is The Truth?

Do this person even know of Him who is Truth? 

The Lord said: 

Jesus Christ asked His Father to set His people apart by His Living Word of Truth because God's Word IS The Truth!

Don't you know that Jesus Christ IS God's Word and, therefore, that makes Jesus Christ The Truth!

Anything else taught, or glorified, is from your Adversary, The Devil, Satan, Beelzebub, The Evil One, The Father of Lies! Avoid it at all costs for the saving of your very Soul depends upon it!

When you go to a Church Service, you go there to be taught of God and to be blessed by Him through the means of a man!

God does not have to use a man to teach His People BUT He chooses to use mere man!

If your preacher, teacher, minister has not submitted himself to be "used of God," beware! 

Beware the wolf amongst the Sheep for this very individual will, as a wolf would, ravish the Sheep! 

Wolves always eat the weak, the young, the unwary and the tardy (slow)!

We need to know "the hand" which feeds us allegedly, from the Bread of Life!

If that Bread contains the leavening of the Pharisees, the False Profits, and the Educated Fools who Follow Fashion for Fame, may God have Mercy on us!

Jesus said:

Jesus also said:

Since we claim to be Children of The Father, we need to seek His Face, moment by moment, constantly in an attitude of prayer, for prayer is power!

When we hear sermons being preached that glorify men, and not God, it is time to get out from the midst! If we remain silent (inattentive)(non-reponsive), we give our Consent to be deceived!

Either the preacher, teacher, minister harkens to the voice of admonition and changes, or let his benches, chairs, pews and comfy sofas be his benefactors!

Our call is to Glory in The Lord not to pander to pimps in the pulpit!

Please be watchful, praying always to be settled and sealed in The Truth, for Our God does not play favorites!

Be encouraged! 

God wants to hear from us, in every and in all things! 

Sigh and cry that you may be sealed and saved!

Call out to Him! NOW!!