Monday, August 24, 2015

Adam "Speaks!"

I am of The Human Race - Man
I am Created - Creature
I am Made of Dust - Dirty
I received God's Breath - Life
I communed with God - Worship
I received The Wife - Eve
I listened to God - Obedience
I worshiped God - Sabbath
I honored My Wife over God - Idolatry
I Ignored God's Law - Dishonor
I Sinned against My God - Disobedience
I Accused God of Giving Me Faulty Merchandise - Lying
I was Cursed by Almighty God - The Fall
I caused The Curse to Fall on Mankind - Separation from God
I must sweat - Work
I must cease to live - Die

But... God had Compassion

God sent His Only Son - Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ - Immanuel a/k/a God With Us
Jesus Christ is ...The Lamb
The Lamb is ... The Sacrifice
The Sacrifice ... Atones
Atonement came at ... The Cross
The Cross is a ... Bridge
The Bridge leads Me back to ... God
The Bridge is bathed in ... Blood
The Blood belongs to ... Immanuel
Immanuel's Blood ... Cleans
I repented of My Sin against The Eternal God for I desired to be ... Clean

I am The First Adam
I brought Death to All Mankind
Jesus Christ is The Second Adam
He brings Eternal Life to All Mankind by His Death
I brought Death to All Mankind by My Life
I accepted The Blood of The Sacrifice by Faith in God's Word


I Am Forgiven


I shall see My King!

My Children ...

Take heed to The Law of The Lord!
When God Speaks - Listen!
When you Listen - Hear!
When you Hear - Obey!

Disobedience - to God - is as Witchcraft!
Witchcraft - to God - is an Abomination!
Abominations - to God - are Destroyed.

Please do not walk right in your own eyes!
Your eyes are Blind!

Please do not present yourselves before God as did my first son, Cain!
Cain Disrespected and Disobeyed God, and his Person and Sacrifice were Denied by God!

His Disobedience led to Jealousy which led to Hatred which led to Murder which resulted in the Death of My Beloved Son, Abel.

The Innocent Died at The Hand of The Guilty, Unrepentant Sinner.

Please Remember my son, Abel, who typified The Coming Redeemer, Bridge, Sacrifice, Atonement, Savior!

Abel honored God in his Person - his Obedience -  and in his Offering of Sacrifice for Sin AND both He and His Sacrifice were found Acceptable, and were Accepted by God!

Abel did not Offer his own Righteousness to God.
Abel followed God's Prescription, and was made "Whole!"

My Children, Honor God in Your Person and in Your Practice!
Please God with the Produce of Your Prayers and Praise!
Worship God with a Beautiful Spirit, and in Holiness!

Children, You Are Not Your Own!
Redeem Your Time - Walk Worthy of Your High Calling!
God Gives to You Your Times!
Do as God Says!

Our God is Just!
Our God is Faithful!
Our God is Fair!
Our God has No Favorites!
Do Good and Good Will Attend You!

Seek God's Help in Mending All Your Evil Ways, and
Remember that Sin Always Costs for
Sin's Account Is Overdrawn and
It's Debt Can Never Be Repaid!

Give Heed To My Words!
I know of what I speak for
I, to Sin, Strayed and
I Disobeyed and, since Forever, Mankind Pays.

I Beseech You, Children
Obey Almighty God!