Tuesday, August 4, 2015


GHTL is The Mixture
Needed by those working for God
Prepared in equal measure
It does wonders for The Soul!

One part of Grace is required
One part Humility
One part of Truth - The Gold Standard
One part Jesus' Love ... for You and Me!

To be a member of The Church-Triumphant
In You must The Mixture be displayed
And if You haven't yet acquired it
Time to break down! You need it ... in spades!

Jesus, Himself, is The Doctor
Dispenser, Purveyor, The Guide
He prescribes, mixes, dispenses
And shows You how much to imbibe!

You have nothing to fear from The Great Physician
He holds Your best interests with pride
His Medicine comes with no side effects
And One Dose only is always prescribed!

The Great Physician knows just what we need
He created, test and trialled them all
So there is no need to be fearful of taking them
For with The Father He manufactured them all!

So with The Blessing of The Father
And The Comfort of The Holy Ghost
Accept The Medicine Cup from Dr. Jesus
Sing Praises, Drink your Medicine, and look up!

All who accept and fill their Prescription
All who take The Full Dose
Of Grace, Humility, Truth and Love
Are amazingly filled with The Holy Ghost!

Then on That Great Day - long awaited
When Heaven rolls back as a scroll
All whose disease was cured by GHTL
Will join Jesus and The Angels on The Glory Road!