Friday, August 21, 2015

Happy Sabbath + God Gave Me His Blessed Assurance + Prayer: Thank You, Lord

God Gave Me His Assurance
He said He'd always be Mine
My Heart is now Overflowing
Because He is Ever Loving, Faithful and Kind!

God Wrote Out For Me His Promise
He signed it in Jesus' Blood
He sends Me Showers of Blessings
Which flow ever like a rushing Great Flood!

God Gave Me His Assurance
That Sin has a waiting Just Fate
And if I walk in Christ's Righteousness
I won't Suffer The Bold Sinner's Fate!

I am to Do Good to All Men
I must Continually Pray and Give Praise
I must Trust in God's Goodness
And never His Holy Name denigrate!

I Trust in God's Blessed Assurance
And I took Me The Great Plunge
Into The Watery Grave of Baptism
And I Emerged Thoroughly Cleansed by The Blood!

Holy Spirit has Taken Up Residence
And is Guarding My Heart's Gate
I now walk Me in The Right Way
For with Heaven I have a Going Into The House Date!

Thank You, Lord, for Hearing
Thank You, Lord, for Healing
Thank You, Lord, for The Helping Hand
That is Guiding my footsteps to My New Home
On The Holy Hill of Zion
Where Peace and Rest are Declared
Where Love and Life are Eternal
Where Fear and Night cannot appear
Where Death and Hell have no standing
Where The Holy God is Commanding
And You are in My Eyesight clear.