Friday, August 28, 2015

HAPPY SABBATH + The Great Occurrence!

There was The Great Occurrence
Which came from Heaven above
Which tells The  Beautiful Story
Of Sacrificial Love
How Jesus left His Home in Paradise
And came to Earth for to Die
To save the Race of Mankind
Sin Defiled!

He thought not of The Great Sacrifice
He thought not of The Grave Pain
He thought only of His Beloved Children and
How He must them Reclaim!

With Great Love and Unending Compassion
He laid on That Cruel Cross
For without His Great Personal Sacrifice
His Children would be forever to Him Eternally Lost!

Now this is The Redemption Story
Hear you well This Song
How Jesus my Savior
His Gold Crown Laid Down
To give me a Way Back
To be Reconciled unto The Holy God
Instead of being Forever Destroyed
Anathema to God!

Jesus Died
Yet He Lives and,
Of this, I'm Certain:

He is Coming Again One Glad Day and
Because I am a True Believer
I am packing my Blessed Faith and
I am Waiting
With Him I shall Fly
Fly Away!

Glory is Awaiting Me
Glory, No More Cross to Bear
The Glory of Jesus I shall Share
Bless His Holy Name!