Monday, August 10, 2015

My Eye Lead Me!

I once let My Eye Lead Me
Down The Primrose Garden Path
And when The Journey was all over
I had purchased for Myself a Golden Calf!

My Eye had an annoying habit
Of buying what did My stomach overfill
And it always left me feeling
Like I was a trussed-up chicken waiting 
For the Butcher to come and kill!

You would think that I would acquire some Commonsense
But you would be wrong on that very score
I again let My Eye make another purchase
And Hell came knocking trying to break down My front door!

Lord, if ever I needed You
Today would be The Day
Please Help Me for
Devil Dog and You Ate Bought It
Are playing "We Got A Covetous Pup To Make Pay!"

Lord, I know that I have been Seriously Lawless
But I finally have had My Fill
Lust of This Flesh
Lust of My Eye
Pride of This Life
Have been holding sway
But if You would condescend to help a Foolish One
I promise to live My Life evermore as You Command
Help Me, for I'm about to be undone!

"Child, rescuing You is No Condescension
When Lifting You up is My Sacrificial Goal
Repent, turn away, walk on in My Light
And soon You Will Walk on The Eternal Shore.

Turn, turn, away from The Dead Things
The Dying Joys of The World
Come to Me - I AM Your Savior
With Me Life Ends in Great Reward!"

From That Day until This Day 
On which we are conversing
I have put My Shoulder to the Gospel Plow
And by God's Grace and a Living Faith
I'm Walking Straight and Behaving like 
Chubby, The Contented Cow!

This World No Longer Fills These Eyes of Mine!