Friday, August 21, 2015

Personal Puzzler: Christian Talkie Walky

My Christian Talk and
My Christian Walk are best friends
It is alleged that they are bound for Heaven
However, before they can enter there
They will God's Looking Glass share!

My Christian Walk had heel spurs and finger calluses
Empty bank account and
Old outdated clothing
And not a true friend to His Poor Name
But happy countenance joyfully displayed He
And Prayer Unceasing was his favorite cup of tea!

My Christian Talk has mucho friends
Money galore
Clothing to fill a boutique store
Hands as smooth as a baby's behind
His feet never knew a hill nor incline to climb.

His attitude did on the last nerve grate
He knew the Mind of God
He loved to set dates
He could tell in a split second who was to God true
He knew alllll that there was of Jesus to know
And weekly he put on A True Christian Spectacular Show!

One day, Great Earth's end was by The Holy God pronounced
The Time of Harvest was duly truly announced:

"Wheat Sheep on the Right!
Goat Grapes on the Left!
Take your position
#TheEternalGodIsOnTheFinalMission! "

Christian and Christian both headed for The Wheat Sheep Gate
And soon they were at the head of the Line
But only One was accepted for his walk did by Grace Shine
And One Christian was cast aside by the Great Lord God Divine!

Which Christian entered in at The Straight Gate?

Which Christian do you seek to have in yourself revealed?