Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Personal Puzzler: What Does This Mean To You?

1. Clean Body
Dirty Soul!

2. Clean Food
Dirty Bowl!

3. Living in Hell
Heaven's the Goal!

4. Devil Dole
Christ's Fold!

What Does This Mean To You?

To Me:

I was born a sinner.
I may bathe me outwardly but still ... I sin.

Clean Outwardly - inwardly a white-washed tomb, full of sin and trespasses. 
I need The Cleansing!

Jesus Christ died after giving us His Living, Holy Word. He lives, and He gives us His Holy Life.

The Word of God is Clean and Nourishing Food going into an Unclean Vessel - Me - who can be is clean only through My Acknowledgment of His Supreme Sacrifice, and My Personal Acceptance of His Saving Grace.

Satan directs The Leaders Sinners Unbelievers of This Earth. 
God Rules and Reigns over in The Affairs of Men.

Satan makes The Body of The Believer exceedingly uncomfortable but ... Since Jesus Christ is The Lord, and guards, guides and protects, keeping Heaven in sight will make even living in and enduring Hell a Badge of Delight ... until The Day dawns.

The Devil delights in delivering The Depraved their Damnation even as he Doles out Disease and Destruction to Those that Delight in The Delivering Lord.

The Devil may hurt and The Devil may destroy, even kill The Body BUT he can never destroy The Soul of The Saint which Soul finds its Rest in The Fold of The Father of The Faithful.

God in Zion Reigneth
In this, This Mortal Soul Delights
Until The Day that The Change Comes
And, Immortal, I take flight
To Rest in Peace in The Pasture
In The Kingdom of Light
Nevermore to walk in The Darkest
Evermore to have My God in My Sight!