Monday, August 17, 2015

Prayer: Fill Me, Lord, Fill Me!

Help me to do as You bid
Teach Me, Lead Me, Lord, Fill!

Fill Me up with Your Power
Pave My Path with Success
Close The Doors of The Devil
Open Your Windows of Love!

Pour Me out a Blessing from My Master
Let Angels of Strength guard Me on My Way
Let Me be valiant on My Mission
Never from Your Precepts let Me stray!

My Eyes may cry on The Master's Mission
My Courage in weak Flesh may trembling fail
But, Lord, help Me press on to Victory
Over Sin, Illuminated Deception, and Worldly Knowledge Decay!

I am not My own - Lord, I am Your Servant
Nigh unto a Watchman upon The High Wall
Help Me to sure sound The Trumpet
Of Warning for Jesus
To Your People against Satan
And of The End of The Sky-Blue Earth Ball!

Love, Honor, Trust, Godly Fear, and Saintly Worship
Penitence, Supplication, Self and Will
I place, Lord, on The Sacrifice Altar
Accept, Lord, this Offering today!

Fill Me, Lord, let Me, in You, find Peace
And a Living Faith unto Salvation today
Teach Me, Father, Your Patience
Fill with Your Spirit, Lord, I humbly Pray!

Hold Me!
Lead Me!
Guide Me!
Fill Me with Your Spirit, Lord, I plead!
Fill Me, Lord!
Fill Me, Lord!
Fill Me!
Send Me on My Mission Godspeed!