Sunday, August 2, 2015

Surprising God?!



A decision was made by The Fiendish
That they would Surprise NotGod 
... Just in case
He proved to be a formidable opponent
And not a great fable in time at this place.

The Fiendish made Great Preparations
They raised Great Standards all over The World
And then they set into motion Great Events 
That could would destroy The Human Race!

Those Fiends thought that they were so brilliant
Problem is, they were brilliant in their own eyes, and
They followed the leading of The Devil, Satan
The Dragon, The Lord of Bare Lies!

For Millennia Stan Satan has been busy
Telling Generations of Fiends the same flawlessly lawless
Lying legend snake story, er, tale:

"Forget God!
You are God!
You are Immortal!
You can do whatever You want!
Erase The Lines!
Rules are for Fools!
Take what You want!
God isn't real -
He's just your Grandma's 
Bedtime Story Fairy Tale!"

And prideful wicked men lusting for Power
And Gain 
And Vaunted Immortality
Have chosen The Path of The Damned
Despising The Son of Man
And are lifting up Godlessss Morality Immortality!

These Fiends, Religious and Secular
Educated, Ignorant
Unrooted, Untutored
Soul Defiled
Set fast - cemented in their own delusions
Believe they can surprise their Creator 
The Living God
Jesus Christ - He who was crucified!

There is nothing that Mortal Man can do to surprise King Jesus!
There is nothing of their evil plots hidden from God's Gaze!
Their is nothing they can hide in their hearts 
That is not lit up in neon before The Ancient of Days!

People of God take Comfort in The Savior
Your Redeemer and Truly True Friend!
Take Comfort in His Amazing Grace - 
Think not of Disgrace - not Distance, not death
Nor of being well and truly displaced!

God will use Evil's Bad to You
To provide Salvation and Provision to You, too!
He is always on track!
He doesn't need to look back!
He truly and can will repulse even their celebrated EMP's puny attack!

Take Hope In This:

has given 
The Fiends The Long Rope
For He already has them 
Liar The Goat by the throat!

Satan is not God!

Man cannot fool God!
Man is not God!

The Almighty IS God!
Give Him His Praise!
It is not for The Fraud!
Trust The Lord - He is coming
And it will be Glorious 
Dead-Raising Loud!!