Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Love Of God

A Pretty Face does not make one Beautiful and
A Certain Name can make one feel Shame, but
The Love of God is The Only Prescription
That Heals all that causes Human Pain!

Being Rich does not make one Wealthy and
Lacking Money does not mean one is Poor, but
Not knowing The Kind and Gentle Love of King Jesus
Is what makes Life on Earth a Burden, a Bother, a Bore  and a Chore!

Worldly Riches minus God equal Undesirable End
Rich Food without Heaven's Oil is as Dry Bread
Faith without Work is just as useful
As Teasing a Ravenous Lion and then Patting Him on His Toothy Hairy Head!

Loving The Lord Jesus does have its Man-made Downsides
Loving the Lord Jesus has Glorious Heavenly Eternal Perks
#StayingWithJesusForTheDistance - Resisting that Old Satan
Will lift one up to The Lord
Who Rules Over Heaven and its Attending Awe-inspiring Infinite Works!

Believe and Be Blessed!
God Fixes The Mess!
Field Your Request -
God Heals The Faithful Person's Distress!