Saturday, August 29, 2015


Satan is The Liar!
His white shirt has Rainbow Trim, and
If you are not real careful
He will draw you, spin you, and pull you in
To his many machinations
To get you to Worship him as king
Leaving The Love of The Savior
To his Putrid Pit of Sin to Head First Fall In!

Don't Trust Satan! 
He does not like Humans
Especially any that Belong to Jesus Christ The King
Whose throne He has sworn to rise above
Which means he must make himself higher
Than The King whom My Soul Desires!

Liar! Liar!
Your pants is on fire!
You are not someone
That I can admire!
You are a murderer and
A consummate cheat
I heard you talking and
It came out like the bleat
Of The Big Horned Goat
Who could once make musical notes
But because of his sin
He gets someone else to sing for him
With himself as director
Orchestrating the moves
The dances, the pyre
With Greed and Gusto
Gambit and Gain
Penny Ante, Operator
Mad Money and Gin
I-Ritis, Me-Itis, and Belly the Bard
Who, for a penny 
Sells Sinners for a pound
While Wild D The Coyote
Helps hunt them down!

Lies are Lubrication
Lies are cheap oil
Lies are the Currency
The Destroyer employs
To mislead the Gullible
To outwit the Worldly Wise
To bamboozle the Bewitched
To free-play with Sin's toys!

Listen well, Dear Children
Listen well, and Understand
That Satan The Arch Deceiver
Will often appear as a Kind Human!

Satan's words are in Opposition
Always to The Holy Word
With a well-studied Basis
Much like Milk with Cheese Curd!

It has what you want
With a little extra beside
It always has a high note
With a free-fall on the Back Side!

Think of: "Thou shalt surely die!"
Think of Satan's: "Thou shalt not surely ...!"
Think of The Stated Outcome
THEN, with God's Help
Act Right and Accordingly!

Satan has No Love for Man
Satan will Deceive You -
Don't You Know That You're Human?
Stay on The Straight Path
Follow As The Holy God Says
Do The First Works  and Stick with King Zion
And before You Know it
You will be to Heaven Flying!

Satan IS The Liar
He Wants More "Wood" 
His Funeral Pyre!

Deny The Liar His Desire!

Walk With GOD!!