Saturday, August 1, 2015

VESPERS: At The End Of The Sabbath - God's Eyes + Prayer: Lord, I need Your Blessing!

IF I was a decidedly evil person
I would be very afraid
To know that God's Eyes are watching
Every misdeed that I undertook!

But ...

As it is My Heart's Desire to stay Saved By Grace
By Doing and Being Good and
Walking Right by His Grace
I do not have to be afraid!
I am glad that God's Eyes are everywhere watching!
He is seeing Me, and it is all for My Good!

God's Eyes are indeed Everywhere
Beholding both The Evil and The Good
And because of His Good Record Keeping
He is writing a Story Book for Each and Every One of Us!

Please carefully choose The Book that He is Writing for You -
It will either Bless or Curse You 
For it will show Your Association with The Son or The Devil
When You Stand before God's Judgment Seat on The Great Day!


Lord, I need Your Blessing
 I need to Humble Stand
Ready, Willing and Able
To wear the White Robe and Gold Crown of
The Holy Son of Man!

Let Me walk on in Your Fellowship
Led by Your Holy Spirit Divine
AND, at The End of The Ages
Let Me Hear: "Child, Come! You Are Truly Mine!"

Until That Day, Dear Father
Keep Me in Your Care
Let Me Rest in Comfort
Knowing that You, Lord, are Always Near!

I know, Lord, that the Angels of Glory
Are guarding My Dear, Sweet, Rest
I ask that You let Me walk on e'er awakening
Happy, Free, Peaceful, Faithful and Blessed!