Saturday, August 15, 2015


One day I met Mr. Evil
His last name was So-Good
He was a stunning bold sinner
And before Me he proudly stood!

Then I came across the Saintly Good Evil
Loving, Faithful, and Kind
He was bruised and battered
But he did not repine!

Some people see these men as interchangeable
Some people thought them twins
But those who listened to The Master
Knew them to be stone cold enemies
Never, Ever friends!

They both had similar missions:

"Go ye into The World!
Take up a Position!
Let Your Voice be Heard!
Create Division! Division!"

Problems very soon surfaced -
Someone had flipped The Script
These gentlemen's Birth Certificates were altered
Information checked out Absurdly Sick!
Messages didn't fit the lip!

Good Good had become Good Evil!
Evil Evil had become Evil Good!
The Masterful Deception was Total
And The People faced The Flood 
Of Right Wrongs
Wrong Rights
Light Darks
Dark Lights
Bitterly Sweet
Sweetly Bitter
Sinful Saints and
Saintly Sins
Both Day and Night
With Glitter Glitter!

Life became Dire
Dire unto The Fire
Which could would turn This Old World
Into a veritable Funeral Pyre!

But ... despite The Deception
In a small glade
Lived Gaude S. Good
Whose son was Savior who
By The Crosswise Way
He always stood
Preaching and teaching
Giving of himself
Warning, ever warning to
Don't trust The Elf
Whose tongue was lizard
Whose words were forked
Who thrived on Deception
Desire and Things Dark!

Gaude S. Good, Jr. - Savior baptized
Outed The Devil
Exposing The Lies
And giving His People
Hope Bona Fides
To hold
To help
To heed
To heal
To feed and to succor
To Salvation Lead
Despite Deadly Deeds
Starving Souls He Feeds!

He Feels for His Fellows
He Prays for their Souls
His Inward Light Burning
His Eyes as Flame Glows
His Passion over-flowing
His Heart is on Show
He will not a Soul surrender!
No! No! No!

All that His Father gave Him
All unto Him go
Full of contrition
Of Sin do repent
He draws and he Shepherds them
Into The Safe Fold
None will be cast out
Into The Night Cold!

Blessed are The Sheep
Savior holds Dear
For Now and Forever
They Abide in His Care
Until The Finale
When All will be Revealed
When The Saints of The Ages
Will before God The Father 
In Holy Worship kneel!

Put a Pin in a Ball Balloon
All The Air Flows Out!

Put a Jesus Pin in Your Sin
The Devil Flees as He Cries Out!