Thursday, August 13, 2015

What God?!

I cringed at The Venom!
My skin crawled at The Sarcasm!
I felt sad at The Fulfillment
Of The Prophecy
Of The Scoffers at The Time of The End.

This was a person so-called intelligent
Better he should be called Satan's tool
For to hear him speaking
Was to hear The Voice of the Bible Fool!

"What God?
There is no God!
My bad!
Soooo Sorry!
You really believe in that Sky God?!
You have got to be stupid
To believe in such a great Fraud!
Since I came along
I have been hearing
 'He is returning!'
'He's Coming!'
'He is on His Way!'
He hasn't come!!
Has he lost his compass?
Doesn't he know the "direction?"
How come he can't find his way here?!
When he comes I will believe in Him!
Until then ... Get out of my way!"

Lord, Jesus!
"He has nothing for us!
We don't want him!
Leave us alone!
Let us just live as we like, and have fun, and play!
There is nothing after this life!
Get out of my face you ignoramus!
Got to play fast for soon we die!"

My heart felt like lead dropping into my stomach!
I felt the hair growing on top of my head!
The fear of Almighty God rose within me
For if I was God he would be lying down dead
For here he was - On God's planet
Drunk ... on the Oxygen The Creator God provides
Living ... off of God's Grace - He pays no compensation
Body Daily Healing
Fate Daily Sealing
Loving the Sin Card
Living in Lard
Waiting for the Lake Frying Pan
And himself therein to bake!

He is Food for The Fraud!
I am Fool for God
Who, all through the changing scenes of my life
Has proved Himself germane
To me time, time, and again
And I will not Him now profane!

Oh, Lord, open their eyes
Wash away the dirt and the flies and
The lies that are obscuring their Sight
Give them Bright Light
Before the descent of Final Night
Have Mercy
Pity them
In their plight!

I walked away ... sad
A prayer was all That I had to offer
Lord, let it be enough!

I walked away ... Glad
For it showed
That we are getting
Closer to Home!

My Lord
I love You!
You truly make my heart glad!

One More Day ...