Saturday, September 26, 2015

Creditor Extraordinaire!

God's Grace Will Gain Me Glory
God's Love Leads Me to The Lamb
God's Mercy will Gain Me Residence
In His Eternal Home in The Heavenly Land!

I Cannot Repay The Jesus-Peace Benefit
And Looking at My Life I'm in Terrible-Past Arrears
Satan is The Memory-Debt Collector
And he is Preying On My Irrational Fears!

I Received A Faith Card of Credit
To Use As When Always Whenever I Need
I Often Reach My Personal Limit of Endurance
And Must Call:

"Jesus Have Mercy! 
I Need Your Blessing! 
I'm Going To Fall!"

I Have Made The Life-Call to King Jesus
Creditor Extraordinaire
I have Laid My Case on His Mercy
And He has Promised in Blood to Always Be There!

I have Nothing to Lose by My Commitment
I have All to Gain if I Should Stand
Firm, Upon The Word - It Is Gospel
Written by The Holy Hand of The Blessed Son of Man!

Lord, Lead Me On To Victory
Lead Me to The Promised Land
Hold My Hand - My Heart I Give You
On You, Solid Rock, I Firmly and Eternally Stand!