Saturday, September 5, 2015

Declaration: My Conscience Is Not On Sale!

My Conscience Is Not a Commodity
To be Bought and Sold to Eat Bread!
My Conscience IS My Director to Get Me Home Safely
So that I won't End Up Eternally Dead!

My Conscience Does Not Belong To The Civil Authorities
The Church Authorities
Nor god on the Earth!
My Conscience is My Gift from My Creator
He who Made The Heavens and The Self-Same Earth!

I Exercise My Conscience!
It is not Fat, Lazy, Greedy, on Sweetness Overfed!
It is Lean!
It is Clean
Led by The Holy Spirit - not The Evil Machine
And Cannot be Begged, Bought, Bartered for 
Ease, Money nor Pastures Green!

My Conscience is Mine
Delivered by God
Operated by The Holy Ghost
Renewed Daily in The Holy Word, and
Waiting for Glorious Validation at 
The Coming of Jesus Christ, The Lord!

Sorry, 'Bub!
This Conscience Is Not On Sale!