Saturday, September 19, 2015

Do You Know Who ...?

Who is Shepherding the Shepherds of The Sheep?
Who will Cull The False Sheep that Bleat?
Who is Preparing The Reward for The Meek?
Jesus Christ - The Savior that The Faithful Soul Seeks!

Who is Marking The Way that Will Eternally Pay?
Who is Bringing Home The Children who from Him had Strayed?
Who is Faithful and Just to Forgive those who Obey?
Jesus Christ - The Savior, The Lamb in whose Name to Almighty God we Pray!

Who is Holding us, Helping us To Stand
Faithful, Walking Holy toward The Great I AM?
Who Humbled Himself that we may have a Home in The Glorious Land?
Jesus Christ - The Savior, The King, The True Shepherd whose Sheep I, Thankfully, am
And whose Returning is Close at Hand!