Thursday, September 24, 2015

God's Love IS ... No Lie!

"Looking for Love!
Will Work for Love!"
Her sign held high
At the corner she stood.

"Don't look for Love!
Love makes you Cry!
Sometimes Love even makes you Die!
Love IS a Lie!"

"Oh, poor is Me!
What is it that I See?
Love dressed in Hate
Going out on a Devil Date?
Oh, Lord, help Me!"

And THEN ...

A Voice was Heard
No arrogant talker he
Gentle, compassionate
Beseeching, fervent
Yet calling ... gently:

Meet Jesus Christ!
The Lord of Love!
The Savior Redeemer sent from Heaven Above
His Love is Pure
His Love is Free
His Love has No Limits that Human Eye can See!

He Is Love Personified!
He came to Earth!
He was Baptized!
The Spirit as Dove upon Him did descend
His Father spoke of His Beloved
His Voice came from Heaven in Love for His Love!

Pure Love as Jesus ... went out to The Desert
Pure Love as Jesus ... was Sore Tempted by The Knave
But Pure Love put down 
The Hungry Temptations in 40 Days
Proving, plainly proving, that He was no Flesh Slave!

Jesus ... In Love ... Taught and Preached
And Loved, and Healed, His People!

And Jesus ... In Love
Went to The Cross That Cruel Day!

Jesus ... By Love ... was Nailed on The Tree!

Jesus ... For Love ... let Sin securely nail Him there
So that You and Me
Wouldn't Eternal Death
Have to share!

Heaven Cried ...
Satan Rejoiced ... Exultantly!

Jesus could have Stepped Down
Jesus could have Stepped Away
 ... Not been Crucified
But Jesus had come
Our Sin for to Pay!

Nails did not keep Jesus on The Cross!
Nails could not have kept Jesus on The Cross!

So ... Let Us Know and Understand and Accept this:

Love for His Lost Loved Ones
Fixed Jesus to The Cross that Day!

The Love of God
The Life of Jesus and
The Spirit's Truth 
Exploded in Three Days
And The Stone on The Tomb by The Angels
Rolled Away! 
Rolled Away!

Loving Jesus
Gentle Jesus
Lamb of The Sacrifice
In Light and Life Gloriously Re-Appeared!

And when Jesus was finally Returning to His Father
Two Angels to the Assembled Believers declared:

This Same Jesus 
That You See Ascending
Will Descend in Like Manner Again 
One Coming Day!

Love IS Alive!
Love is TRULY Alive!

Love is JESUS
And Jesus IS ALIVE!

Love Jesus 
You Dear People 
Will Be Truly Alive!!