Friday, September 18, 2015

HAPPY SABBATH + Getting To Wear The Real King's Clothes + Prayer

The Word of God is Sharper
Than any Two-edged Sword
Dividing The Soul and The Spirit
Exposing The Marrow in The Bone!

With such a Weapon at our Disposal
What do we have to Fear?
Preach The Word In and Out of Season
For God's Trees Will Produce and Good Fruit bear!

Satan is The Liar!
His Arsenal includes Doubt, Disbelief and Fear
And if you Give him even Scant Soul Entry
He will set up his Lion's Den there!

The Word of The Lord is Quick and Powerful!
Don't Forget it, and don't from Truth Walk Away!
Let The Master Measure you for a Righteous Garment
As you Believe, Trust and Work while Awaiting 
The Kingdom's New Residents' Dressing-Up Day!

Lord, I Want to Wear Your Garment
That Garment Called Christ's Righteousness
Bless Me, Help Me to Walk As One Holy
Not Craven and Given to High-mindedness!

Help Me to Humble Myself Daily!
Help Me to Honor You and Obey!
Help Me to Deny Self and Presumption!
Give Me Fresh Courage to Walk In Faith and
To be Instant and Constant in Pray!
I Love You, Lord.