Friday, September 25, 2015

HAPPY SABBATH + Gifts From God!

God gave Her a gift
She treasured it well
She dusted and polished it
And put it high on The Shelf.

God gave Him a gift
He treasured it well
He abused it
Misused it
It tripped him up ... and he fell.

God gave Me a gift
I treasured it well
I used it, and returned it
Polished brightly where it was worn
Out from my Mission
And accompanied with Gain
Attached with The Message:

"Dear Father, I thank You!
I accepted The Gift and
I was bold!
It gave me pleasure for sure
But I was generous!
I took my Gift out of doors and
I entertained and educated!
I comforted The Dear Ones, and I sang Praise!
I lifted up Your Name, Father
On the streets and in the glades, and
I told The Old Story even unto
Singing of New Birth and
I fed Little Children
Even though I oft' got cursed!

I thank You!
I bless You!
I treasured The Gift
And I just want to Praise You for
My work was Heaven Kissed!

I spoke to The Wanderer!
I comforted those in Despair!
I Blessed as I was Blessed, and now
Others hold Your Name Dear!

I have One Favor, Father
To ask You today
If I have been found Worthy
Please Multiply my Gift - I Promise I will Take Care."

Your Talent 


Your Gift FROM God!


Using Your Talent for His Service 


Your Gift TO God.


Please Do Not Squander Your Talent!


You Will Be Required 

to give 

Your Statement of Account 




Your Stewardship


That Great Day!