Wednesday, September 2, 2015

It Is Well With My Soul!?

In The Midst of Grave Illness
"It Is Well With My Soul!"
Was The Song of My Heart!
I Sang it Every Day Upon Awakening
For It Dispelled The Thoughts of The Night Dark!

For Months My Song Gave Me Comfort
For Months It Got Me Through The Day
Until That Fateful Morning When
I Plainly Heard My Savior Say:

"Is it Really Well With Your Soul
As You Sing Every Day 
Are Those Just Words
That Let Your Voice Be Heard 
Something You Like To Say?"

Though Stunned, I Continued Singing
My Voice Cracking now:

"Though Satan Should Buffet
Though Trials Should Come
Let This Blest Assurance Control
That Christ Hath Regarded
My Help ... less ... Es ... tate
And ... Ha ... th Sh ... edd ...
Hi ...sss ... Own ... Bl ... ooddd
For ... Myyy .. Ss ...oo ..."

And, Oh, How The Tears Flowed ...

I Looked Through The Open Window
Raising My Eyes Up Toward Heaven
And Acknowledged The Question:

The Words Are Important - They Are The Song Of My Heart
I Love Me My Jesus - From Him I Won't Depart
I Am A Work In Progress - I've Made Many Mistakes
But Where It Comes To The Love of Jesus - I Am Not A Fake ...
Jesus Promised To Be My Shepherd - I'm A Sheep
Sometimes Sheep Go Astray ...

BUT ...

Jesus Christ Knows This Heart
And He Is With Me - I Know He Cares!
Soooo ...

I Inhaled Deeply - A Shuddering Breath
And With The Love Of God In Me
I sang:

"It is We ... lll
With My So ... ull
It is Well ... IT IS WELL
With My Soul
Lord, Jesus, Hold On To Me
Help Me Hold On To You
Lord, Have Mercy On Me ... "
Dear Ones:

The Words of The Songs And Hymns Of The Faith Are Not Just Words!

If They Were Just Words, The Holy Spirit Would Not Have Inspired The Apostle To Pen The Immortal Words Beseeching Us To Comfort Ourselves And Others With Psalms, Hymns And Spirituals Songs! I Say Ourselves Because What Purpose Is Served By Our Comforting Others With Songs Which Are Of No Comfort To Ourselves?!

Listen! Really Listen To The Words Of The Old Hymns Which Speak Of 
Overcoming Adversity
Traveling To The City
Trusting God For Provision, and
Testifying Of Grace Bestowed
Merciful Pardon Received
Enduring Peace Provided
Hope for Glory Sustained
Daily Mercies Displayed
Wholehearted Faith Grounded
Everlasting Joy And Deliverance, And More!

What Is Your Testimony?

Please, Look Within And Encourage Yourselves And The Brethren By Sharing Your Stories Of Battles Fought And Victories Won, And Being Won As You Say With Conviction:

"Yes, Lord! 
With You Guiding My Footsteps
And Me Following In Faith
No Matter The Upset
No Matter The Shame Or Disgrace
I Stand On Your Promises
I Believe In, Love, And Trust You
I Will Stay In The Safe Fold 
For Jesus, My Savior, In You
It Is, Indeed, Well, With This Soul!"

Be Well, and Be Gloriously Blessed,