Monday, September 28, 2015

Lessons Taught by False Worshipers

When they saw the handsome singer
They raised their hands in praise
They bowed their heads in worship
Their eyes spilled copious tears!

Some fell over in convulsions
Some fainted dead away
We watched the recording in shock and horror
For it seemed that their god had appeared!

Shouts of love and adoration
Those personally touched were in ecstacy
And all around you could hear voices in the throng saying:

"Amazing! He looked directly at Me!!"

The Minister of The Gospel
The Preacher of The Holy Word
Voice Melifluous
Praise for him
On voices was heard:

"Oh, I do so love him!

"Isn't he amazing!?"

"This is like heaven!"

"I could listen to him every day!"

"Oh, to be near him thrills my heart no end!"

"Being in his presence makes me feel heavenly!"

"This day could not be more perfect!"

"I wish we could keep him for ever and a day!"

These unholy displays of affection
While wildly disturbing
Unexpectedly opened up my eyes
They caused me to think
Of Almighty God whom I worship
And made me wonder about my praise and worship bona fides!

I know for sure I don't run around in a frenzy at thoughts of Him
I don't hyperventilate when I pray
I don't sweat and cry when He speaks to my spirit
And I know that when He finally appears
There's not going to be anyone fainting dead away!

These Idol Worshipers' Worship is Committed!
My Holy God Worship is at times Ho Hum!
But their Forbidden Worship Gives me Insight into Evil
And how The Devil's Thread of Sin is made of Homespun!

Forbidden Worship shows Commitment and Devotion
Heart-felt Hard-core Positivity
They will not be swayed from their chosen pathway
For they serve their god completely unreservedly!

We may take a page from Wrong Worship (Lord Jesus have Mercy!)
Of course not the excesses that we often see 
But the fact that their faith cannot be shaken
And for them their homage is right and holy!

"All In" is their Singular Motto
They'll "Take a bullet!" for what they believe
They can, and do, defend the words of their master
And their faith you cannot make them suspend, or cede!

We worship The Holy God so let's take that Holy Worship and 
By The Indwelling Holy Spirit kick it up a grand notch
Let's Really Know and Speak of  Our God Intimately and
Let's Not The Declared Mission of Spreading Hope botch!

Let Us Stand Up 
Be Counted 
We Righteously Show Our Devotion 
The True and Living God!


Let Us Do What is Good 


Let Us Stand Our Ground
Be Brave in The Fight
For God Alone Saves 
When Comes The Dark Night!