Tuesday, September 29, 2015

No Jostling Crowd Around Him!

The Noise was Deafening
The Atmosphere Carnival
The Barkers were Dedicatedly Offering 
To Any and All 
The World's Myriad Joys and Toys!

I had Visited The Carnival on many an occasion
I always had Money with which to Pay Play
But for Some Reason on This Occasion
I Wondered, at The Entrance Exit
What Would I Get Gain on This Foray?

I Wandered Around for a short short while for
Direction Seemed To Matter Today

And then ...

Then ... I saw HIM
And My Heart Went After Him in a Big Way!

He had no Stall!
He had no Barker!
He stood Tall!
He had Kindly Eyes!
He Spoke with Intensity and Passion
And not a word He spoke said: "Lie!"

There was no Jostling Crowd around Him!
No Music!
No Madness!
No Burly Men
To Restrain those who got too Rambunctious!

There was Quiet and Peace
... for those Listening!

He used words like:
Rest and Relief
Grace and Mercy
Calling Everyone to from Sin Cease, and
Offering, yes, Peace, Joy, Rest and Comfort to The Riven Soul
And I Felt My Body Grow Warm Hot Cold!

I Knew Him - this ... Man!
I Recognized Him
In My Heart - The Blessed Son of Man!
I'd Found what I Unconsciously Sought and
My Wanderers Tickets To Fun needed no longer to be Bought!

I Talked to Him!

He said:


I Listened to Him!

He said:

"You Need No More To Run 
I Offer You Life, Liberty 
Freedom for Your Soul!

Take Up Your Cross!

Fit Your Yoke!

Bear Your Burden
I Will You hold!

Walk The Straight Path
At The End 
I Will Return To Carry You 
The Eternal Home!"

This Meeting Felt Right!
I had The Kingdom in My Sight!
I had a Task, and
A Road to Follow, and
A Home to Achieve!

I Gave The World My Back!
I Did Will Not Look Back - Not in My Heart
And Not Physically!
And I Removed The World Off My Sleeve
As The Love of  Him Who Is The Master
I Humbly Gratefully Received!

For Me, The Carnival Is Over!
My Disgrace Is Permanently Displaced!
My Home In Heaven Is Paid-Booked, for
The Hand of The Savior - By His Blessing - I Took!