Tuesday, September 29, 2015

PRAYER: My Spirit Is Troubled ...

I need You 
Right now, this very minute!
My Spirit is troubled within me and
I need Your Rest!
Lord, where is my portion of Your Peace?
I try my best to do Right
I try my best to live Right
And yet, everywhere, everything is as Night!
Have Mercy, and Bless
In Jesus' Holy Name I plead, Lord

Beloved, My Beloved
Look at Me!
Look to Me.
I AM Your Peace.
I AM Your Rest.
Give Me your burden - lay it down
And walk away for
I AM here!

I will take care
Let Me the burden bear -
All - Not a share!

I will not let you fall for
I AM in All
Until The Day of The New Beginning
When I will disclose All.

Take Heart!
Trust Me!

 Raise your Eyes in Hope!
Lift your Heart toward Heaven!
I AM Here for You ... Forever.

Trust Me - I AM The Way, and
I make A Way ... for You.

Come unto Me, My Child and Rest Easy
I give unto you The Blessed Assurance
Of A Home with Me in Glory.

I AM The King of Salem
I Give You ... PEACE.