Monday, September 21, 2015

Sheep Shepherds With Goat Parts! + Prayer

Do we Know What happens
When The Shepherds are The Sheep, and
The Sheep act like Goats?!

Do we Want to Know What happens
When Goats are Shepherds
Pompasetting and
Wearing Pretty Judas Coats?

Do we Want to Know What happens
When Goats Lead Sheep, and
Shepherds Bleat and
Even Eat Meat?

Did you Know that When a Sheep Eats Meat
He has Got Fangs and
Hangs Around with
That Wicked Satan?

Weeellllll ...

I Met a Shepherd
A Shepherd of The Sheep
Who was Not The Owner
And who Willingly Cut Truth's Corners!

He hung out with Fiends - those Creatures so Mean
And Spoke often ... it seems
Of Meat Succulent and Lean
Having been Fed on The Green
Where Cooling Waters Stream.

I Listened with Interest, and Wondered
Then I Grew Flabbergasted
As with Malice True Sheep were Pounded
And The Death-Sirens Sounded
And Lambs were Grounded
Down with The Spurious
Truth that was Curious to Boot
Giving The Shepherd The Loot
To Buy Expensive Suits
To Appear on The Air
Pretending to Give a Care
About Where
The Souls of The Poor
The Innocent
The Seeking
Would Spend Eternity
While Caviar he is Eating
And Unrighteous Riches he is Reaping!

That Shepherd Looked at My Face
Walked Around
And Stood a Pace
From My Body
And - too Jovially - Explained:

"Boy's Howdy!
Lord, Love a Duck!
Details, Details!
A Story I Tell
To the People - No Hell!
Get to the Beach
Pick up a Shell
And Listen to them Chiming Bells!"

"Details! Details!
Men Falter and Fail
I "Comfort" them and I Sail
And they go to Sinners' Jail
And Cry and Rail
At Jesus - not Me!"

"I Work for a Fee!
I Entertain for an Allowance!
My Fabled Secretary is called Florence
And we Met in Torrance
Introduced by Lawrence
The Handsome
The Dark
Who Encouraged our Romance -
I Never Stood a Chance
And now we Dance ... with The Devil!"

"There is No Turning Back
For that Would Mean Lack and
I Tell you The Fact
Lack is Something I Don't Choose to Pack!"

I Listened!
In Fact
I Wished He'd Take it Back
That He was just Giving me Flack
But, Alas, and Alack
This Steward 
Was a Coward
Who Preached Faith
But didn't Know The Lord
And his Sworn Task 
Was to Pull The Gold Cord
Of The Seeking Soul
Looking for The Word of The Lord!

His Mission was to Feed Self
To Lay Aside Treasure on The Shelf
To Live Large 
In Good Health
While Accumulating Worldly Wealth!

He Didn't Seem To Care or Try to Understand
That God Almighty
Is NOT a Man
That All That He Has Said
He Will Do
He Will Do!
... HE WILL DO! 

"Don't YOU Read your Bible?
Don't YOU Know Right from Wrong?
Don't YOU Know Jesus Christ is Coming Down?
Don't YOU Understand that The Trumpet Will Indeed Sound?
Don't YOU Believe that we ALL have a Judgment Round
And Every Human Must Give An Account However Wherever he is Found?!"

"Don't YOU Believe in God?
Don't YOU Fear God!"

He Stiffened ...

I Raised My Eyebrow.

      He Turned ...

I Tilted My Head.

            He Opened his Mouth as if to ...

I Held My Breath.

                  He Walked ... away ... breathing audibly ...

I Bowed My Head and Prayed.

Oh, Lord, Most Holy
Have Mercy upon Your People Today!
Protect us, Lord, Help us
We beseech You as we Pray!
Lord, please take us into You Care for
The Shepherds are Hirelings and
The Sheep are as Prey!
Without You, Dear Father
Your People will not well fare!
Raise Up, Lord, an Honest Steward
A Diligent Shepherd for Your Sheep
And while You are Blessing, Lord, 
Bless The Humble
The Poor, and Your Children All, The Meek.