Tuesday, September 15, 2015

"The Sexuality Thing!"

In The Beginning GOD Created ...
Male and Female Created He Them!

Firstly, We Were All Heterosexual

Then ...

The Modern Culture Wars Started

And Then ...

He was Homosexual
Then She was Bi-sexual
Then He was Bi-curious
Then She was A-sexual
Then He was Pan-sexual
Then They were Sexually Fluid
Then He turned out to be Inter-sexual

And Then ...

My Head started to spin for there are 
Multitudinous Designations from which to 
Declare One's Sexuality
For Sexuality is Contextual
And I think I shall take the position Fetal.

"Father, did You make a Mistake?!
Are You not The Living God?
Do You not See All?
Do You not Know All?
Are You not Ever-Present?
Should I become dissatisfied with whom You created Me to be?"

"My Child! I AM The Lord! - I Change Not!
I AM The Lord - there is none else!
I AM The Lord - I AM Faithful!
I AM Holy - Walk Holy!
I AM The Lord that Heals you!
Worship GOD!"

Well, so that there is no mistaking who and what I was created to be

I Declare - of My Free Will - that
I Love The Lord God Almighty 
I Really Like My God who
In His All-knowing All-seeing Wisdom
Made Man AND Woman - The Heterosexual Pair
Nothing to Change
Add or

When I find a Partner
I Will Always Be Its Opposite!

We Shall Not Become Familiar with Animals
We Will Not Biblically-Know The Deceased!

We Will Always Be One + One Living Breathing Jesus Christ-Professing Human Opposite!

One of us Will Bear Children!
One of us Will Cause Children to be Borne/Born!

In Essence, 
We Shall Be AC/DC
And The Current that Almighty God Bestowed Upon us
Will Continue to Flow Through us
And Children will Continue to Grow Out of us
And Humanity will, as a snow ball
Continue to Roll Forth From us
In All Our Generations
Until The Day Of The Lord
When It Will Be Tempestuous Indeed
For Those Who Corrupted The Image of God
With Vain Imaginings
As they Sought to Re-Create Man in Sin's Image
And in Lusts' Luscious Likeness.

God said: "Choose Whom You Will Serve!"

I say: "Speak, Lord! Your Servant Is Listening!"