Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Word of God a/k/a God's Looking Glass!

The Word of God is The Looking Glass
By Which We Know That We Are Sinners Who Sin
The Glass Itself Can Will Not Save Us But
It Plainly Shows The Trouble That Sin Has Us In!

The Word Of God Also Points To The Way of Salvation
Free To All Who Will Acknowledge Their Plight
It Gives To All A Sure Way To Glean Repentance
If We Would Not With The Holy Spirit Fight!

For Cleansing The Word Of God Points Out Our Need Of The Life-Giver
The Holy God, The Word Himself, The Lord Divine
The One Whom All And Sundry Must Appease OR
Be Permanently Removed From ... At The End of Time's Line.

No Amount Of Judicious Self-cleaning
Can Will Make One Justified In The Lord
We Must Appeal To The Captain
Jesus Christ - The Savior
The One With Whose Holy Spirit We Must Be In One Accord!

We Must Not Be Forgetful Observers
We Must Read The Word
Honor The Lord, and Obey
We Must Take To Heart The Word of The Master
And Not Just Look, and From Ourselves Toss It Away!

Let Us Look In The Word's Mirror
And Truly Believe What It Shows
Let Us Take Heed To The Rebuke
And ... Change Our Spirits' Clothes!