Saturday, September 26, 2015

VESPERS AT THE END OF THE SABBATH: Profitable, Profitable, Unprofitable!


My Master was a harsh man
I know he did not like me at all - I was afraid of him
He was going on a long journey
And he called us managers together and
Gave out Investment Packages
As each had "ability" to "chew":

He gave his Favorite One 5
He multiplied 5 by 2

He gave his Stoolie One 2
He multiplied 2 by 2

He gave me One! ONE!
I steupse ... and
I buried it and stepped on the spot with my shoe!

But ... I Am Getting Ahead of The Tale!

Well, de Master dun gone 'long 'bout 'e business!

Party Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime!

After All ...

What could I do with a useless portfolio

Everybody knew that in that environment you had to have assets to survive
And Bossman giving me nay-nay investment
Ensured to him I would not thrive!

... Sooo, I "Helped" It Along!

I did didley squat!

And Here's Why:

Bossman was one of those you hear talked of all the time!

The ones who get gain ... but not by putting anything in
And they does pick up all kinds of profits
From where they had not been even investing in!

Why should I waste my valuable time

My beautiful, bountiful, gray matter
Working on what I couldn't foresee profit from?

Why should I even go to the profiteer bankers

And just get back a penny on a big-able pound?!

A Loooooooong Time Passed ...

When I Tell You Long, I's Mean Real Long!

No one was watching me, so
I did what I felt like!
I ran with The Howlies
And I played well into The Night
And on my last night returning what I did behold
Told me a story
Of life in The Hot Coals!

Well, I am now quite ashamed to tell you
Them others did real good for themselves
But that I had seen no point to expending my best effort
On something I knew could would not pay!

I Was Wrong!
Dead Wrong!

Well, when His High and Mightiness 
The Master  a/k/a Bossman 
Returned from his Journey
He started settling accounts
From highest to lowest, and
He saw wonderful investment growth!
Amazing Investment Growth ... from He Favorites!

I call them his Favorites because he had given them multiples of the best investments possible!
They were sure to succeed!


But Me ... Well!!

Of all people, HE called Me, ME, Lazy!
I worked hard at all kinds of programs
And projects and initiatives for him
Not that they were productive ... but I worked!

How 'bout some kinda credit, huh?!


Well, it was like ...
Aaahhhmmm ...
Alright, I kinda, sorta, maybe, probably, thought of and almost tried, and pretended to work ...

Well ...

He called Me Lazy!
He called Me Unfaithful!
And, to top it all off
He called his guards - them big scary ones from WingCo Corps
Who picked ME Up
By the scruff of my neck
And threw me out of the house, and off the premises - it was dark out there!

And Now ...?

And now I have to spend Big Time with
Wicked McGruff
Who tell me in the first place that The Bossman
Ain't had no Snuff!!

To T'Absolute Best Master 
I ever hadddd!!

... I can never darken His Door ever, ever, ever again ...

All those years ...
Gone ...
For nuffin' ...
Forever ...
sni .. sni ... sssSnnniiifff ...
Boo hoo hoo!
If onlyyyyyy!
I should haaaave!
I could haaaave!
But, but, butIdidn't!!!
Gimmeachance, gimmeachance!
aaaaaiiiiii, aaaaaiiiiii, aaaaaiiiiiiiiii!!

Dear Ones,

We cannot fool God!

He is All-seeing!

He is All-knowing, and

He IS Ever Present!

He has no accountant, and He keeps perfect records!

What The Lord has given unto you is yours to do with as you see fit!

Your gifts are a Trust! 

Do what you will but, remember, there is a time of accounting!

Saying that God plays favorites and gives other people better gifts that what has been given unto you will not hold water, or carry weight!

Each of us has gifts, and if those gifts are exploited for the Glory and Elevation of The True and Living God, when He settles His Accounts with us, His Stewards, we will all be rewarded based upon what we have done to bless God and others!

Do not blame God for neither your mercenary nor impecunious use of His Blessings.

He gave you the best "deal," and He is fully expecting R.O.I!

Since we cannot not pay Caesar i.e., Death and The Tax Man, take time to pay God who gives to All liberally! 

We are not our own property, and God does not require usury from us!


Cheap Service 
Prejudiced Service
Pretentious Service


Service Lacking in Service 

all equal 

No Service!

Please Pray ... and Pass The Word Along!