Saturday, September 12, 2015


Jesus Christ 
Triumphant King
Holy Lord
God All Glorious
The Overcomer
Speaker of Peace
Destroyer of The Devil and The Devilish


Dear Stewart pointed out 
In the IDE/IED acronym play that Jesus says:
"I Did Enough!
I Even Died!"

Well, let me tell you of
That Other Side
Of The One who Lied
Of The one who did Our God Deny:

Satan is The Copy Cat!
When it comes to Creation
He can not do that for
His method is to pull things out of a "Big Black Hat!" 

Satan speaks to Being Creative
But all he can do is to Abominate!
He never can Bless but he will Dominate
And his basic ingredient is to Always Humans Hate!

Satan brags each day of his Expressed Prowess
Over man and woman whom he will Oppress
Of woman and man whom he doth possess
Being ever the usual False Witness!

Satan, as usual, must follow behind God
But with The Spin
He, The Lie, doth Deploy
He gives The Plus plus The Minus 
And he achieves "Goal!" with a thrusting of Self-trust!

Satan motivates himself each day
By making men believe that:

Sin ever Pays
That Man is god
That to Do Good is to Need Greed
That Feeling Flesh is Staying Fresh, and
Gotcha is Good Growing Seed!

And when Satan takes himself a Non-break
He strokes his Ego
Before he on another victim let's go!
He looks in his mirror
And repeats the vile mantra he wrote, and
Proceeds valiantly Wicked Seeds to sow:

"It's All About Meeeee!
I Will With Ignoble Deeds Humans Ensnare!
I Will Ex-filtrate Souls Every Day!"

And he sings to himself his glory song:

"I ENSNAAARE with ignoble needs
I will daily The Humans' Greed feed
With Putrid Praise
With Petty Pleas
With Puffup Pastry
And Pesky Deed Fleas
Of Self and Sin
Of Song and Dance
Of Vodka and Gin
Of Smoke and Mirrors
Of Conquerable Skies and
Dark Domains enchained
Of Life unfettered
Without restraints
With me in charge
By lies about Him
I'll weave my Web of Deceit
And I will deny Them to Him!"

Dear Ones:

Please remember these points:


Seeking Self 
Sets Satan's Seal Securely 
Sinner's Souls!


Saints Solemnly Seek After Their Soul's Salvation!


Seeking The Savior Seals and Saves From Sin!


Satan is The Lifelong Liar
He will reap Almighty God's Ire
Don't fall and join him on the Funeral Bier
The Holy God is going to rain down Living Fire!