Wednesday, September 30, 2015

WHAT IS YOUR DESIRE? Contract OR Covenant?

I was offered "The Life!"
I could have Anything!
I could do Everything!
I could be Somebody's Something!

I was Offered A Contract!
If I Did ...
Then He Would Do ... !
He promised he would Show Me A Good Time
With many of those things froufrou!

I was Disappointed!
I did not want to have Fun!
I wanted The Commitment!
I wanted Permanency even through The Strife and
Satan's Bedevilment!

I wanted The Covenant!
No Running Away!
No Possibility ever of
One of Us Walking Away!

I Turned and I ...
Resolutely ...
I Turned and I Walked - Not Quite Sadly - Away.


He Offered Me The Covenant!
He Offered Me HIS Life!
I will be His Forever but ...
My Life Will be Filled With Strife!

I will have to Endure Many Things!
I will have to Ignore Everything!
I must Believe that Despite Uncertainties that
The Good Life is at The End Of The Way of Suffering!

I Looked in His Eyes - a Burning Flame
His Heart is Plainly Revealed - Body Riven and Hole Pierced!
I Blessed The Almighty and
Our Covenant is Sealed - being with Him gives Me No Disgrace!

My Uncertainties Point To The Promise
The Promise Points to The Holy Way
The Holy Way is Certain - Laid Out
And I'm Walking with Him Day By Day!

When I'm Down He Lifts Me Up!
When I'm Happy I Sing To Him - and I Pray!
And all the while - No Matter The Matter
He Speaks To Me and there is No Smell of Truth Decay!

I Met Him and We Married!
I walk with Him - He cannot Stray
And I know when This Life is Over
In New Life We'll be Together
For Ever, and Ever More
On That Wholly Holy Peaceful Blessed Shore!

The Devil Can Keep His Contract!
Jesus Christ Has Got My Back!

The Covenant In Blood
Is My Security 
Jesus Christ Will Prosper Me
No Matter How Satan Attacks!