Monday, November 2, 2015

ATTENTION!! ATTENTION!! God Ain' Got No College Degree!!

I Grew Up Hearing:

"Never Bite The Hands That Feed You!"

"Never Burn Bridges You May Have To Re-Cross!"

I Took Those Words to Heart
And in Life made of them a Good Chart!

Modern Man Obviously Did Not Get The Memo!

"What God?" they question.

And their New Age Knowledge says:

"God is Dead!"

"We are God!" 

"Forget God!"

"You Don't Need God!
You've Got A Head!"

With this Reasoning In Place, there is:

Don't Follow God
He has no Learned Degree
And if He even had one
He didn't Pay The Graduation Fee!

God Has:

No Graduate Degree
No Post Grad Study
No Doctoral Degree
No Fellowship Work
No Peer Reviews has He
No Published Studies
No Grants 
No Commissions 
To give Him Pretty Pedigree!

With this State of Affairs
No "In" with The Players
God has No Proud Position
And Many Naysayers!


God IS The Creator
Of both Man and The Earth
And With That Prominent Standing
Man's Common Sense Shows Dearth
Faithful Christians Cannot Join Them
In their Folly and their Mirth!

The Living God IS The Ruler
And no matter what Man Says or Does
Almighty God Holds Wins The Great Day!

Saying God Is Not Really God 
Doesn't Make It The Truth, and
Denying God His Sovereignty 
Does Not Remove The Attachment nor 
The Creator's Glue!

Educated Man May Lie All He Wants
Denying All The Evidence True
Twisting The Truth
Making Truth Turn Corners
Making Truth Skin Cuffins and
Coloring The Truth
At The End  
At The Judgment
His Previous Lack of Repentance
Is Going to Eternally Destroy
The Unrepentant Lie Is Truth Crew!