Sunday, November 8, 2015

Creature As Creator-god + Prayer: Keep Us Safe!

My God IS God
The Creator of All!
He Needs No Help
From The Children Of The Fall
Who Through Disbelief
Disobedience and
Sin's Decay
Have Raised Up Themselves To Where
God Must Do What They Say, and
He Must Them Daily Pay! - Worship, that is!

Creature is Creator
Creator Par Excellence
Who Makes Mechanically Marvellous Electronics
And Says: "god, This ... We are Fantastic!"

These Creatures of Clay
Make Their Own gods with
Eyes that Can't See
Ears that Can't Hear
Hands that Can't Work
Feet that Can't Walk


They Deny Almighty God's
With A Lot of High Fallutin' Long Talk 
Filled with Malignity!

They are Trees without Fruit
With Rotten Roots
Clouds without Rain
Heavy ... with no Gain
Still Dying, Ever, Always
Knowing Pain
A Spot
A Blot
Having No Shame
As he His Creator's Name
He Profanes!

Father God
Word of God
Spirit of The Living God
Keep These Eyes Faithful On The Prize!
Let Us Never Fall For the "Man Is god" Disguise!
Let Us Ever Cry and Mourn and Pray!
Hear Our Petitions As Time Rolls Day By Day!
Help Us To Be Faithful
Always Honoring You
Never Having to Eat The Devil's Bread
Which Will Cause Us To Deny You!
You ARE Our Lord!
You ARE Our God!
You Help!
You Heal!
You Save!
You Seal!
Protect Us and Guide Us, and
Keep Us Safe From The Ever-Scheming Fraud
Until The Day Dawns
In Jesus' Holy Name we Plead.